An Invisible Battle for the Internet

  • Опубліковано 1 бер 2021
  • Russian subtitles are available for this video.
    You can visit the online exhibition Data CTRL Centre here:
    In a society where freedom is restricted, for example by the state control over the media, new technology and the Internet can help change the social agenda. Belarus is currently a good example of how an active use and communication in social media can help mobilize and shape a protest movement. At the same time, the "battle for the Internet" is not always obvious to the majority of citizens in democratic countries. Many of them carelessly share their personal data through social media, share them with tech companies and thus also provide state institutions with access to them.
    Can users control or restrict the use of their private data? Do users have the power to influence the rules of the game played by the big tech companies? Aren't the states actually obliged to make the use of their citizens' personal data transparent? We will discuss these questions with Katharina Nocun and Vitalii Moroz.
    The event is part of the accompanying program of the exhibition Data CTRL Center, implemented by the Goethe-Institut Ukraine in partnership with Kunsht (UA) and Tactical Tech (DE).